This site may transition …

This site may transition to another platform, and if so, probably to a Facebook Page and/or Group.

Why transition? The theme used here on (the theme is now called P2 Classic) is a unique WordPress theme that allows anyone who is a member to post. Not just comment, but post. At the time was in development, this was a significant advantage. However, a couple things have changed:

  • Mobile — The P2 theme was never very good on mobile, and it never got updated to look any better on mobile.
  • P2 Theme — WordPress decided that rather than update P2 for mobile and other new features, they would rename it P2 Classic, and create a new P2 theme from the ground up. However, the new P2 does not have the option to allow any member to post, which was a core feature of the site.
  • Facebook — Facebook Pages and Groups have gotten so good, especially on mobile. More importantly, Pages and Groups can be set up to allow anyone on Facebook, or anyone in a group, to post. Also, tags and categories are supported on Facebook now. So, all the key features of here on can now be duplicated on Facebook. And, Facebook has more active users and more activity generally.

So, during the exploration and possible transition:

  • Posting by anyone with a member account has been disabled.
  • I may explore platforms other than Facebook.
  • I’ll decide about Facebook Pages vs. Groups, or whether to do both.
  • I may tweak the name VarietyPeople to emphasize sustainable variety.
  • I’ll need to move and adapt content here to the new platform.
  • This site will stay up as a reference, so it’s possible some language here may refer to functionality that is on hold, disabled or in transition.
  • I may still occasionally post related content here.

If you would like to support this effort, here are two things you might do:

  • To get involved directly with advice on platforms/Facebook, or with assistance in moving content, you can contact me here.
  • To help me make this transition faster by providing financial or non-financial assistance, you can proxri me here.


—David Loughry